FOX ACRILCOAT FF800 is used to prevent dust on all kinds of concrete floors, to ensure that they gain a bright appearance; It is an acrylic resin based impregnation material used in the protection of pressed brick coatings, reducing the contamination of ceramic joints and gaining water-repellent properties.

Usage Areas

  • All kinds of old or new concrete, gross concrete field concrete,
  • In floor concretes with surface hardener applied,
  • In the reinforcement of cement-based surfaces with high absorbency and dusting indoors and outdoors,
  • In the prevention of contamination of ceramic, tile marble joints,
  • In the acquisition of water-repellent properties of ceramic, tile and marble joints,
  • It is used to gain water repellent properties of pressed brick coatings.


  • It is easy to apply and use.
  • It prevents dusting, provides a harder surface.
  • An extremely easy-to-clean, smooth surface is obtained.
  • Freezing – Resistant to thawing effect and UV resistant.
  • When applied on exterior facades, it is permeable to water vapor.
  • It is water repellent.
  • It does not contain solvents.
Product Group

Acrylic Based, Final Coat



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