FOX ADFREEZE FM101 is a setting accelerator / plasticizer concrete additive based on polynaphthalene sulfanate and nitrate salt, suitable for cold climatic conditions, which accelerates the reaction between water and cement, especially at the beginning of the set, ensuring the acceleration and increase of the strength of the setting of the concrete.

Public Works Position No: 04. 613/ 7

TS EN 934-2 Table 6: Setting Accelerator Concrete Additive

ASTM C 494

Type C: The setting accelerator complies with the standards of concrete admixture.

Usage Areas

  • In the production of ready-mixed concrete with and without pump,
  • In cold weather, in castings where protection of concrete from the effect of frost and early high strength are desired,
  • Prefabricated and precast concrete castings,
  • It is used in the production of all types of concrete, with and without reinforcement, light or normal weight.


  • Compared to unfilled concrete, it shortens the start and end setting times of the concrete.
  • Especially in cold weather, it provides early strength gain to the concrete, protecting it from the effect of frost.
  • It does not contain chlorine.



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