FOX ADMENT FM777 is a high rate of water reducing/superplasticizing concrete additive based on naphthalene sulfonate, which increases the early and final strength of concrete by giving concrete reoplastic properties.

Public Works Position No:04.613/ 1-A3 TS EN 934-2

Table 3.1 and Table 3.2 = High Proportion of Water Reducing/Superplasticizing Concrete Admixture

Complies with ASTM C 494 Type F = High Water Reducing Concrete Admixture Standards.

Usage Areas

  • In pumpless and pumped ready-mixed concrete production,
  • In the production of wet shotcrete,
  • In the production of precast and prefabricated concrete,
  • In the production of prestressed concrete with low water/cement ratio,
  • It is used where early formwork is required, and in rheoplastic concretes that can be easily placed on frequently reinforced concrete elements.


  • Compared to unfilled concrete, it reduces the amount of water by at least 12% by weight.
  • Compared to unfilled concrete, it provides lower water/cement ratio with the same workability or high workability and easy pumpability with the same water/cement ratio.
  • Compared to unfilled concrete, it increases their early and final strength.
  • Compared to unfilled concrete, it increases the compressive and flexural strength of concrete.
  • Compared to unfilled concrete, it reduces the formwork removal time.
  • By reducing decomposition and perspiration, it increases the wear resistance of concrete.
  • Increases the resistance of concrete to the Freeze and Thaw cycle.
  • It improves other mechanical properties of concrete such as impermeability, permanence, shrinkage and creep.
  • It settles with less vibration even in densely reinforced concrete structures.
  • It does not contain chlorine.



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