Cement and Polymer Dispersion Based, Reduced Slip Property, Long Working Time, High Performance, Flexible, Tile, Granite, Marble, Natural Stone, Pressed Brick, Glass Mosaic Adhesive

FOX CERAFLEX® FX114 It is a flexible bonding mortar based on cement and polymer dispersion, with reduced slip properties, long working time, suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions with high adhesion performance, can be used indoors and outdoors, horizontally and vertically, long life, for materials such as ceramics, tiles, porcelain ceramics, natural stone.

Meets the requirements of TS EN 12004 -1: 2017 C2TES1.
Public Works position No: 04.01301-04.01304
C2 : Cement-based, Enhanced Added Properties, High Performance
T : Slip Reduced
E : Open Hold Time Extended
S1 : Flexible

Usage Areas

  • In the bonding of materials such as tiles, ceramics, porcelain ceramics, natural stone to cement-based surfaces such as concrete, plaster, screed in horizontal and vertical applications in indoor and outdoor spaces,
  • In the bonding of materials such as tiles, ceramics, porcelain ceramics, natural stone on insulation in wet places such as bathrooms, balconies, kitchens, terraces,
  • In the bonding processes in swimming pools, Turkish baths, water tanks, bathrooms, industrial floors, cold air storages,
  • In the process of bonding ceramics on ceramics in exterior cladding of buildings, renovation and repair works,
  • It is used in places where there is heavy pedestrian and freight traffic.


  • It mixes with water alone.
  • It saves time and labor with its long working time.
  • It does not slip in vertical applications.
  • It provides quick and easy application.
  • It has high adhesion strength.
  • It is flexible, not affected by vibrations.
  • Freezing – Resistant to thawing cycle.
  • Does not shrink.
  • It adapts to the ground stresses arising from temperature differences and is not affected.
Product Group

Adhesives, Cement Based



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