Insulation Tape for Elastic, Permanent Protection of Building Dilation, Joints and Cracks

FOX COMBOTAPE It is a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer waterproofing tape developed as a flexible system for the closure and protection of dilation, joints, joints and cracks of structures. Mechanical properties and chemical resistance have been developed to provide solutions to building needs in a wide perspective. Concrete, metal, PVC pipes, etc. It is an excellent long-term solution that can be applied to all surfaces.

Usage Areas

  • Expansion and dilatation joints, steel, reinforcement and concrete cracks,
  • In underground garages and multi-storey parking terraces,
  • In the segments of foundations, underground structures, canals and tunnels,
  • In pools, water tanks, silos and ponds,
  • It is used in treatment plants.


  • It is applied quickly and easily.
  • It has high elasticity.
  • It is impermeable to water and air.
  • It is resistant to difficult weather conditions, ozone and UV effects.
  • It is continuously elastic, resistant to all kinds of movements and stresses of structures and structural elements.
  • It is odorless and highly resistant to chemicals.
  • It is not affected by ambient temperatures and does not lose its elasticity in the cold.
  • It has high tear resistance.
  • Resistant to plant roots.
  • With heat can glue the joint.
  • It is resistant to bacterial attacks and chemical breakdown.
  • It has high resistance to environmental influences and aggressive environments.
  • FOX EPOMORTAR FC510 can glue the joint together.




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