FOX HISTOCRETE is a cement-free ready-made plaster based on natural hydraulic lime, containing natural silica aggregate and inorganic fibers developed for historical masonry structures.

Usage Areas

  • In the construction of internal and external plaster,
  • In the repairs of existing plasters,
  • in the repair of joints of natural stone, brick walls,
  • It is used in surface repairs.


  • Thanks to special inorganic mineral fibers homogeneously distributed in the mixture, a shrinkage-free mortar is obtained. In this way, a repair is obtained that works in the same mechanism as conventional mortars and ensures continuity on the applied surface.
  • The use of ready-made mortar for the reason of continuous controlled production ensures that separate product quality is obtained in each project. In the mortars prepared in the field, it is extremely difficult to ensure the homogeneity of the mixture.
  • FOX HISTOCRETE plaster, which does not contain water-soluble salts, is one of the best products that can be recommended for the restoration of historic masonry structures.
  • It does not contain asbestos, it is environmentally friendly.
Product Group

Historical Artifact Repair



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