FOX MONOTAPE 120/70, 0.67 mm thick joint insulation tape and accessories used in the closure and insulation of expansion joints, elastic rubber in the middle, polyester mesh on the edges

Usage Areas

  • In wet volumes,
  • In pools,
  • In water tanks,
  • In treatment plants,
  • In Bakons,
  • In parapets,
  • It is used to insulate cold joints and cracks that form in floors and curtains.


  • Quick and easy application,
  • Compatible with all kinds of building materials,
  • Water and air impermeable,
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions, ozone and UV effects,
  • Continuous elastic, resistant to all kinds of movements and stresses of structures and structural elements,
  • Odorless and high resistance to chemicals,
  • It is not affected by ambient temperatures,
  • Easy mechanical fixation thanks to its holes.



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