DUALGUM REACTIVE is a heavy-duty, two-component, bitumen-rubber-based, water-based liquid membrane with colloidal dispersion polymer modified. It is a very fast drying waterproofing material with ultra-high application efficiency. It is a bitumen emulsion that perfectly adheres to concrete and metal surfaces, which has very high elasticity. Non-woven Geotextile is reinforced with felt to form a perfect membrane.

Meets TS EN 15814 + A2 CB2-W2B-C2B-R3 requirements.
CB2 : ≥ 4mm Static Crack Bridging
W2B: ≤ 0,15 N/mm² Pressure Water Impermeability
C2B : 0,30 MN/m² Compressive Strength
R3 : ≤ Rain Resistance After 1 hour

Usage Areas

  • Positively in indoor and outdoor spaces, horizontal and vertical applications,
  • On reinforced concrete surfaces that are under the soil and have constant contact with water,
  • On surfaces such as foundation, curtain concrete,
  • On retaining walls,
  • In tunnels,
  • In basements and similar underground structures,
  • In the protection of concrete against water from underground, chemical salts and microorganisms dissolved in water,
  • On terraces, garden terraces,
  • It is used on roofs, industrial roofs.


  • Provides excellent waterproofing.
  • ≥4mm It has crack bridging feature. Even at -26 oC, the crack retains its bridging feature.
  • It has extremely high elasticity. (%2000)
  • Its resistance to bacterial attacks at 40 oC for 30 days under the soil has been tested and approved.
  • It creates a jointless, uninterrupted and permanent insulation layer.
  • Radon Gas is impermeable.
  • Blocks Methane Gas.
  • It is solvent-free, water-based and environmentally friendly.
  • It is long-lasting, resistant to water, weak acids and some salt solutions.
  • It can be used in horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Resistant to freeze-thaw cycle.
  • It provides trouble-free detail solution and is applied easily and quickly with the spraying machine.
  • It can even be applied to fresh concrete.
  • Dries quickly (about 1hour).
  • It can be covered one day after the application.
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