FOX MULTISEAL® FS488 is a cement and acrylic based, two-component, negative and positive super flexible waterproofing material.

Usage Areas

• Indoor and outdoor, horizontal and vertical applications,
• Under coating on terraces,
• In water tanks,
• Soft water tanks used in textile industry and hotels (pH 3-7)
• In elevator pits,
• In wet places such as bathroom, balcony, kitchen,
• In Olympic swimming pools,
• In hydroelectric power plants,
• In fish breeding ponds,
• In places such as Turkish bath, sauna, spa,
• Basement curtains,
• Used in drinking water tanks.


• Easy to prepare and easy to apply,
• Working time is long,
• Negatively and positively effective (1 bar negative – 1.5 bar positive),
• It has excellent adhesion, works with the surface,
• Water vapor and air permeable,
• Resistant to freezing-thawing effect,
• Does not shrink and does not crack,
• Thanks to its high adhesion performance and flexibility, it forms a perfect water-impermeable layer under screed and ceramic, without being affected by deformation,
• When applied with a thickness of 2mm, up to 0.50 mm, when reinforced with a waterproofing net, it covers cracks up to 1.20 mm,
• Suitable for light pedestrian traffic,
• It has high resistance to carbon dioxide ions.

Product Group

Cement Based



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