Cement and Polymer Dispersion Based, Two-Component, Negative and Positive Applicable Capillary Effective Waterproofing Material

FOX MULTISEAL® STANDARD is a cement and polymer dispersion based, two-component, waterproofing material that prevents moisture, leakage and surface water on concrete surfaces, can be applied negatively and positively.

It meets the requirements of TS EN 1504-2 / Principle 2.2 and 8.2.

Usage Areas

  • Indoors – outdoors, vertically and horizontally from a negative and positive side,
  • Bathroom, balcony etc. in all wet volumes,
  • In the wall and floor coverings of cold storages,
  • On foundation, curtain and retaining walls,
  • Negative and positive aspects in basements,
  • In elevator pits,
  • In the insulation of the flower bed,
  • In protecting concrete from water, carbonation and de-icing salts,
  • In brine ponds,
  • In fish breeding ponds,
  • In foodstuff warehouses,
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • It is used in water and balance tanks.


  • Easy to prepare and apply,
  • Can be applied with brush or sprayer,
  • The working time is long,
  • Has a capillary effect,
  • It has very high adhesion strength. Works with the surface to which it adheres,
  • Effective in negative and positive aspects (4 bar negative – 10 bar positive),
  • Thanks to its high adhesion performance and semi-elasticity, it forms a water-impermeable layer under the screed and ceramic,
  • Creates a jointless, seamless, permanent, waterproof coating,
  • Resistant to chemicals and salt solutions in the soil,
  • Water vapor permeable,
  • Freezing – Resistant to thawing effect.
Product Group

Cement Based



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