FOX P-CURE FR515 is a paraffin emulsion based, newly placed and/or newly molded curing material that is applied to the newly placed and/or newly molded concrete surface, provides optimum strength development by keeping the water in the concrete with the film layer it forms, does not contain solvents, prevents rapid drying and reduces shrinkage.

Public Works Position No: 04.613/1F

ASTM C 309 Type 1 Class A

Usage Areas

  • In airport and field concretes,
  • In concrete road applications,
  • In the concrete of bridges and high-rise buildings,
  • In canal and canal concretes,
  • It is used for concrete casting in places where humidity is low and evaporation and air flows are high.


  • By retaining the moisture in the concrete with the film layer it creates, it helps the cement to be better hydrated.
  • As an alternative to similar curing methods such as sack, telis and irrigation, it is a more effective and more economical method.
  • Reduces shrinkage cracks on the surface caused by rapid drying.
  • Provides a dust-free surface.
  • It is suitable for use in closed areas.
  • Simple to apply, reduces labor costs.
  • FOX P-CURE FR515 does not contain solvents.



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