FOX PL-CURE FR811 is a synthetic resin based, newly poured concrete and screed curing material that provides optimum strength development by keeping water in the concrete with the film layer it creates, preventing rapid drying and reducing shrinkage.

C 309 Type 1 Class B, AASHTO M-148ATM C 944 Abrasion resistance

Usage Areas

  • In all types of field concrete,
  • On surfaces with surface hardener applied,
  • In concrete pavement and road applications,
  • In canal and canal concretes,
  • On the surfaces on which subsequent coating (plaster, screed, paint, ceramic and epoxy coating) is planned,
  • In all types of reinforced concrete structural elements,
  • It is used in screed applications.


  • Ready to use,
  • It is applied to all types of concrete surfaces,
  • Reduces shrinkage cracks on the surface caused by rapid water loss,
  • Provides a harder and dust-free surface,
  • When processed into fresh concrete, it does not leave layers; does not peel off and dust from the surface,
  • Provides perfect compatibility with cement, epoxy and polyurethane based coatings,
  • Provides a more effective curing compared to paraffin-based cures, Simple to apply, reduces labor costs,
  • Watering, etc. is a more practical method than methods,
  • It is used in cases where watering is not possible.



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