FOX PURSEAL AQUA PL900, It is a fast-curing joint sealant and at the same time an adhesive suitable for general use. FOX PURSEAL AQUA PL900, which contains the highest properties of PU and silicate (sylilated) PU technologies, is a product specially formulated to improve the performance of the material. It reacts with moisture and curs very quickly, adhering perfectly in a short time even to substrates that are problematic for PU sealants, such as glass, aluminum, steel and polycarbonate.

Usage Areas

  • Metal frames,
  • Aluminum windows and panels,
  • Glass and mirror applications,
  • Granite, marble,
  • It is used in floor applications.


  • It adheres perfectly to almost any surface, with or without primer.
  • Excellent extrusion in different climatic conditions provides ease of application-leveling and continuous protection.
  • It has excellent chemical resistance. Suitable for insulation of joints in water and swimming pools treated with chemicals.
  • Resistant to microorganisms and fungus.
  • It can be recommended for underwater immersion application.
  • It has excellent heat resistance. >Below 60°C, it can be applied over a wide temperature range.
  • It is resistant to cold. It maintains its elasticity up to -40oC.
  • It can be applied to all concrete surfaces. It forms a semi-matte surface on the floor where it is applied.



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