FOX PURSEAL PS600, It is a one-component, continuous elastic, water resistant, low-modulus adhesive and joint filler. Produced with the latest polyurethane technology, this product is suitable for use indoors, outdoors and on damp surfaces. The humidity of the air is cured.

Usage Areas

  • In the insulation of horizontal and vertical joints,
  • In the roof streams,
  • In prefabricated panels,
  • In water tanks and swimming pools,
  • In metal joinery joints, aluminum windows and panels,
  • It is used as joint filler and adhesive in glass, wood, gypsum panel, granite and marble applications.


  • Adheres to almost any surface with and without primer.
  • High chemical resistance makes it suitable for chemically treated water and insulation of joints in swimming pools.
  • It is resistant to aging and external weather conditions.
  • It is constantly elastic, can be painted.
  • It is impermeable to water, resistant to bacteria and mold.
  • It retains its elasticity even at – 40°C.
  • Its temperature resistance is high, >allowing application even in environments reaching 60°C.



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