Jotashield Heritage Glaze

Jotashield Heritage Glaze is a 100% pure acrylic water-based exterior paint that offers a decorative look.

Excellent exterior protection

Jotashield Heritage Glaze is a premium quality, water-based effect paint. %It has 100% pure acrylic binder. Ancient and aging effects can be made with Jotashield Heritage Glaze, the decorative finish offers different pattern alternatives for the desired surfaces.

  • Creates wood texture
  • Offers ancient appearance
  • %100 pure acrylic
  • High UV resistance and low dirt holding feature
  • Excellent concrete protection
  • Excellent protection against harsh climatic conditions

Technical information

  • Drying Time: 4 hours
  • Area: 18 m2 / kat
  • Application: 1



Cemented Plaster, Concrete, Final Coat

Jotashield Heritage Glaze TDS


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