FOX PURMAX® SPRAYTEC FS562 is a polyurethane-based, two-component, solvent-free, elastic, crack-bridging waterproofing membrane that does not lose its elasticity over time, fast curing, does not form joints. Thanks to its application speed and quick curing feature, it minimizes the downtime of the enterprises compared to traditional waterproofing products. Since its reaction is very fast, it can be applied with the help of special spray machines.

Usage Areas

• On terraces open to UV and sun rays, with FOX PURMAX POLYUREA TOPCOAT or FOX PURMAX®® TOPCOAT,
• Terrace, balcony and all wet areas,
• Roof and garden terraces,
• Swimming pools, Ornamental pools,
• In aircraft hangars,
• Parking lot insulation and coatings,
• Water supply lines and canals,
• In underground water tanks,
• In tunnels,
• In the channels,
• In warehouses,
• In collection tanks,
• In prefabricated buildings,
• In steel structures,
• In large opening terraces,
• In roof streams,
• Flower bed insulation,
• It is used for insulation of foundation and curtain walls from the positive side.


• Cured in seconds, walkable in minutes,
• Can be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces,
• Provides easy solutions in difficult details,
• Provides one-piece application. There are no grouts, overlay details,
• Provides excellent adherence (100%)
• It has excellent chemical resistance,
• It has excellent mechanical strength,
• It has high puncture resistance,
• It is flexible, resistant to abrasion,
• It has crack bridging capability,
• Perfectly adheres to almost all surfaces (concrete, steel, aluminum, fiber, wood, foam, etc.),
• It is hydrophobic (water repellent),
• The liquid is impermeable, it can be used in continuous contact with water,
• 100% solid, VOC-Solvent free,
• It has excellent thermal resistance, the product never re-softens, maintains its elasticity at low temperatures.

Product Group

Polyurethane – Polyurea Based



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