Phenomastic Silk Mat

Fenomastic Silk Mat is an easy-to-apply, non-splashing interior wall paint with silicone texture.

Fenomastic Silk Mat; It is a silicone, easy to apply, high covering interior paint.

  • Splash: It is among our priorities that our craftsmen paint under better conditions. For this purpose, we have designed our products to be “splashproof”.
  • Easy to apply: While our products are easy to apply, they also ensure that our master completes his work on time without any problems thanks to his high concealment. It does not leave brush and roller marks, spreads well over the surface and has retouching properties.
  • It is odorless: We want our masters to work in a healthier environment instead of practicing under the intense smell of paint. For this purpose, we have designed our products to be “odorless”.
  • Perfect texture: Every paint application is a reference for our masters. We offer excellent texture with our products that offer a smooth finish.

Technical information

  • Drying Time: 6 hours
  • Area: 9 m2 / kat
  • Application: 2



Fenomastic İpek Mat TDS


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