FOX SULPHATSEAL FS275 is a cement-based, one-component, polymer-reinforced, sulfate-resistant, resistant to chemicals and mechanical effects in domestic wastewater, applied internally or externally on concrete and cement-based plasters.

Usage Areas

• Indoors and outdoors, from the direction the water comes from,
• In domestic wastewater plants with a depth of less than 15 m, as an impermeable finish coating on the surface repaired or plastered with FOX MORTAR T FC 188 T,
• Protection of the upper surfaces of channels and canals and waterproofing coating,
• In domestic waste water facilities and coating of reinforced concrete pipes (shrinkage),
• Protection of waste water channels and concrete pipes against sulfate effects,
• It is used in waste water and rainwater tanks.


• Resistant to sulfate effects,
• High mechanical strength,
• Water vapor permeable,
• Does not shrink, does not crack,
• Resistant to freezing-thawing effect,
• Mixes with water alone,
• Easy and fast application,
• Working time is long,
• It can be applied by brush, trowel or spraying method,
• Continuous contact with domestic waste water and rainwater is appropriate,
• It is used safely in drinking water tanks.

Product Group

Cement Based



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