Jotashield Tex Medium

Jotashield Tex Medium is a silk matte gloss, water-based, flexible, 100% pure acrylic resin paint that gives a light texturized and decorative look with hard aggregate particles.

Excellent exterior protection

Tex Medium offers a silk matte look with its medium textured texture. It has crack bridging feature against capillary cracks formed by the structure sitting over time. Its resistance to water and harsh weather conditions is high. When applied with coral roll, it hides minor errors on the surface and creates a smooth textur.

  • Medium texturized exterior paint
  • %100 pure acrylic
  • Crack bridging feature
  • Carbon dioxide diffusion
  • Water impermeability feature
  • Excellent concrete protection
  • water vapor permeability

Technical information

  • Drying Time: 3 hours
  • View: Textured
  • Area: 3 m2 / floor
  • Application: 1





Cemented Plaster, Final Coat, Gross Concrete, Launched Surfaces, Plasterboard, Satin Plaster

Jotashield Tex Medium TDS


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