FOX ADMENT PC FM351-ZE has been specially developed for prefabricated applications where the time between concrete production and mold placement is short. With the use of FOX ADMENT PC FM351-ZE, the machinability of concrete has been optimized to ensure that the strength development process begins as soon as possible. The special molecular structure of FOX ADMENT PC FM351-ZE accelerates hydration by increasing the surface area of cement reacting with water. Operation in all conditions and controlled workability protection is the most prominent feature of the concretes produced with FOX ADMENT PC FM351-ZE .

Usage Areas

  • FOX ADMENT PC FM351-ZE additive is suitable for precast concrete elements with high early and final strength, low cement/water ratio, non-decomposition and high workability. With this product, economical, ecological and ergonomic prefabricated concrete production can be realized without the need for vibration.


  • Improved rheological properties and optimized consistency retention time, as well as self-compacting concrete production with high fluidity and low cement/water ratio
  • Improved stability and quality in low-cohesion concrete
  • Eco-friendly, concrete design optimization that reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • Decrease in curing time and temperature
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Improvement in surface appearance
  • Permanent precast concrete elements according to EN 206-1 standard
  • Eliminating the energy required for placing, compressing and curing concrete
  • Optimization of the cycle



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