FOX ADMENT PC FM351 is a new generation superplasticizing concrete additive material based on polycarboxylic ether, highly water reducing, developed for the ready-mixed concrete and precast industry where early and final high strength and durability are needed.

Complies with TS EN 934-2 / Schedule 3.1, 3.2 and 7 standard.

Usage Areas

  • In the production of precast and prefabricated concrete,
  • In ready-mixed concrete production,
  • In the production of self-compacting and compacted concrete, in the production of rheodynamic concrete, which can be easily placed on tightly reinforced concrete elements,
  • It is used in the production of concrete with high strength of 18 – 24 hours and 28 days.


  • Compared to conventional superplasticizers, it increases the early-final compressive and tensile strength, adherence and impermeability to steel of the concrete produced.
  • It improves the mechanical properties of concrete such as carbonation, resistance to chlorine ion attack, resistance to aggressive chemicals, shrinkage and creep.
  • Rheoplastic concrete with low water/cement ratio, low risk of decomposition and vomiting is obtained.
  • It provides early high-strength concrete production even at low temperatures.
  • Minimizes mold removal time.
  • By reducing decomposition and perspiration, it increases the wear resistance of concrete.
  • Thanks to its low water/cement ratio in concrete mixes, early high strength and perspiration reduction properties; Shortens the time it takes to apply resin-based flooring systems on new concrete.
  • Increases the resistance of concrete to freeze-thaw cycle.
  • In the production of precast elements reduces the curing time and temperature.
  • It works in harmony with all types of cement. It shows little sensitivity to material differentiation.
  • It does not contain chlorine.



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