FOX PURMAX TOPCOAT, Polyurethane based, two-component, aliphatic, colorful topcoat coating that protects FOX PURMAX®® series waterproofing from U.V and climatic conditions

Usage Areas

• As a top coat coating in FOX PURMAX® series waterproofing;
• On terraces open to UV and sun rays,
• Terrace, balcony and all wet areas,
• Roof and garden terraces,
• Swimming pools, Ornamental pools,
• In aircraft hangars,
• Water supply lines and canals,
• In underground water tanks,
• In tunnels,
• In collection tanks,
• In prefabricated buildings,
• In steel structures,
• In large opening terraces,
• In roof streams,
• Flower bed insulation,
• It is used for insulation of foundation and curtain walls from the positive side.


• Can be used indoors and outdoors,
• UV resistant,
• It has excellent chemical resistance,
• It has excellent abrasion resistance,
• It has good mechanical strength,
• It is flexible,
• It is economical,
• Easy to apply,
• High chemical resistance,
• High adhesion strength,
• Easy to maintain and clean,
• Provides hygienic environments,
• Easy to sterilize,
• Colored topcoat coating is obtained

Product Group

Polyurethane – Polyurea Based



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