Jotashield SuperDurable

Jotashield SuperDurable is a 100% pure silicone modified acrylic, water-based exterior paint that offers up to 20 years of protection against harsh climatic conditions.

Jotashield SuperDurable

Jotashield SuperDurable has been specially developed to withstand the most demanding climatic conditions. It forms a long-lasting and durable silky matte surface with low dirt holding feature of the special acrylic binder. It provides environmentally friendly solutions and provides long-lasting protection compared to both solvent-based and many decorative paint systems. It provides aesthetic appearance while protecting the structure against external conditions for 20 years. With this feature, considering the cost of living curve, it offers long-term solutions by providing an advantage in maintenance attitude costs.

  • Silk mat flat exterior paint
  • Special hybrid silicone binder
  • Excellent protection for up to 20 years
  • Advantage in maintenance attitude costs
  • Excellent water, moisture and alkaline resistance
  • high UV resistance

Technical information

  • Drying Time: 6 hours
  • Area:12 m2 / floor
  • Application: 2



Cement Chip Sheet, Fiber Cement, Final Coat, GRC Precast, Gross Concrete, Launched Surfaces, Plasterboard, Satin Plaster

Jotashield SuperDurable TDS


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